Fall 2017 Newsletter

The Peoria Area SeniorNet Learning Center provides adults age 50 and older the opportunity to enhance their knowledge by offering a wide range of classes for computers, cameras, smart phones, tablets and other subjects.

   Facts for Fall Classes:

  • SeniorNet Membership is required for enrollment for all classes. If not currently a member, and you are mailing in your registration, please enclose a check or money order payable to “SeniorNet” for the first year’s dues of $44 for a single person or $72 for a couple. (Credit and Debit Cards are NOT presently accepted)
  • Please refer to the Spring Class Schedule and Class Descriptions for dates, times, course content and prerequisites then complete your enrollment form.
  • Enrollment is based primarily on meeting the prerequisites and the date your registration is received by Peoria Area SeniorNet. The student MUST possess a home computer and/or device as described in the Course Descriptions.
  • You will be mailed an enrollment confirmation letter for class(es) approved on August 31, 2017. A class materials fee, as listed in the Class Descriptions Section, will be collected on the first day of each class. Please do not mail in the class fee(s) with your enrollment form.
  • To find out more about the benefits of becoming a member of SeniorNet, please log-on at PeoriaAreaSeniorNet.org or call us at 1-800-457-1089 and leave a message. A Peoria Area SeniorNet representative will return your call.
  • Classes are conducted in the Media Center at the First Baptist Church, 411 West Lake Avenue, Peoria, Illinois. A Map is enclosed and Parking is Free!

Peoria Area SeniorNet is Sponsored by Illinois Eye Center and PNC Bank.



SeniorNet 2017 Fall Class Descriptions

Most Classes Begin the Week of  September 11th or as Noted 

REMEMBER: To enroll, complete the Registration Form, include your payment as noted and mail to the address on the enrollment from, or, attend the Open House/Registration on August 19th from 9AM to 12 Noon and enroll during the Registration.


{A1} Online Internet Trip Planning Seminar (2 Hour Session) – UPDATED Learn how to plan your next adventure by searching and selecting from the various online travel sites for economical ways to book airlines (and other transportation), hotels, sightseeing tours and entertainment for your next Senior Trip. There is no Fee!


{A2} Introduction to Cloud Computing Seminar (2 Hour Session) – NEW

Learn how to use the free Cloud services offered by Google, Microsoft and others. This seminar will cover the basic concepts of cloud computing and how it can be used for data backup, photo sharing, document editing and much more. There is no Fee!


{A3} Working with Attachments (2 Hour Session) – NEW

Learn how create, search and find attachments. i.e., documents, pictures, videos, etc. Then practice how to select the item(s) to be attached to an email, text message, etc., and finally,  how to send to recipient(s) of your choosing. There is no Fee!


{A4} What Constitutes a Good Photograph and How to Use Photo Composition to Improve your Photo Quality (2 Hour Session) Do you want all those pictures you take for family events, vacations and trips to look great?? Whether you are taking photos with your iPhone, iPad, Android Phone or Digital Camera this Seminar is for You! There is no Fee!


{B} Introduction to Scanners (Four-Week Course)

Prerequisite:  Basic Computer Skills and a home-based copier with scanning capabilities.

Do you own a box of old pictures and wish to preserve them in this modern digitized era? Enroll for this Scanner Class and learn the steps to successfully use your scanner. Topics include how to make a scan, bitmaps and file formats. The student will learn how to scan pictures and send them via the Internet (email) as well as how to scan a picture(s) for printing.  Additional areas of interest will be picture cropping, scanning documents that are not pictures and much more.  There is no Fee!


{C} Computer Fundamentals for Beginners – (Six-Week Course) – REVISED

Prerequisite: Either possesses a home computer or access to one.

This course will introduce the student to the functions of the mouse and keyboard of the computer through practice via various exercises. The student will also be introduced to the basics of the operating system of Windows 10. The materials fee is $6.00.


 {E1 & E2} Windows 10 Start Menu – New Course (Two-Week Course) – NEW

Prerequisite: A computer with the Windows 10 Operating System and possess good computer skills.

You will learn how to use and personalize the Start Menu and its many options for display. Additionally, the student will learn how to search for, install and update “Applications” from the “Windows Store”. Learn how to incorporate short cuts to quickly find and view the various “Built-in” and downloaded “Applications”. Learn how to “Pin” Apps, Websites and Files to the Start Menu and Desktop for easy access; and finally, have your questions about the “Start Menu” answered in class!!The materials fee is $3.00.


{F1} Windows 10 File Explorer (Three-Week Course) – NEW

Prerequisite: A computer with the Windows 10 Operating System and possess good computer skills.

In this SKILL Course you will learn about the structure and managing of the File Explorer. Many users do not understand how to get to the hard drive, different folders, or what to do when something as simple as inserting a flash drive and nothing happens!! File Explorer in Windows 10 is the structure of your computer where you can find and manage whatever you are looking for. Becoming familiar with the techniques of creating, removing and copying files and folders is a must and you will also learn the functions of discs and drives. The materials fee is $3.00.


{H} Computer Maintenance/Security (Three-Week Course)

Prerequisite: Excellent computer skills.

This course will teach students how to maintain their computer to keep it running properly, to fix slow-downs, freezes and other glitches. Students will be taught routine maintenance tasks including disk de-fragmentation, registry cleanup, file backup and restore. Additionally, the course will teach the student how to install and maintain software to protect against viruses, spyware and identity theft. The instructor will cover up-to-date measures to further preserve and protect the integrity of security for many personal electronic devices. The materials fee is $ 6.00.


{K} Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 (Four-Week Course)

Prerequisite: This course will require the student to purchase the software for the home personal computer.

This course is user friendly for the advanced student as well as being sophisticated enough for the experienced photographer. Photoshop elements can take your photos from Okay to Great! You will learn how to enhance colors, change lighting and sharpness of your photos, straighten, correct for red-eye and remove blemishes as well as add text and an assortment of special effects. You will also learn to use “Guided Edits” which include step-by-step procedures and tools for additional fixes and photo effects.  The materials fee is $6.00.


 {L} E-Mail Basics (Five-Week Course)

Prerequisite: An active E-Mail Account* and the instructor’s permission.

This course is designed to make you knowledgeable, familiar and comfortable in sending and receiving e-mails. Topics will include opening e-mails, writing and sending new e-mails, replying to e-mails, forwarding and editing of e-mails plus developing contact and address lists.  In addition, we will cover e-mail files and security, plus using fonts and many options to enhance the appearance of your e-mails. The materials fee is $4.00. *IMPORTANT: If you do NOT have a current E-mail account, the instructor will meet with you on Thursday, September 7th, at 10:00 AM to set up a free Yahoo account.  ALL STUDENTS MUST BRING THEIR E-MAIL ID AND PASSWORD TO THE FIRST CLASS.


{Q} Facebook – Social Networking (Three-Week Course)

Prerequisite:  A good knowledge of computer operations.

This course will introduce the student to the most popular social media “Facebook” used extensively in communications between extended family and friends. Students will be shown how to create and structure their Facebook profile. Students will also be shown how to set Facebook privacy options; find friends; post status messages; upload photos; and, read and respond to friends and family postings. The materials fee is $4.00. IMPORTANT: if you do not currently have a Facebook account, then the instructor will arrange to meet with you on Thursday, September 7th, at 1:00 PM to set up the account.


{P} eBay Buying and Selling – (Seven Week Course) – UPDATED

Prerequisite: Good computer skills with experience in using the Internet.

This course will begin with setting up your personal eBay account. Next, the instructor will provide suggestions including “Search techniques”, “Buying on eBay”, “Payment methods on eBay”, “Researching market values for actual selling on eBay. You will learn to display your item(s) in their best light as well as to determine whether or not you should try to sell a specific item. We will also discuss timing in regard to selling certain items.  You will construct and follow listings during class. We will provide some hints, Do’s and Don’ts regarding how best to work within eBay. The handout fee is $4.00.


{R} Microsoft Excel 2013 Beginner (Five-Week Course) – NEW

Prerequisite: Access to a computer with Microsoft Office 2013 or an earlier version. A basic knowledge of Microsoft office tools.

This course will introduce the student in the use of spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are most commonly used to store and manipulate financial information. Use of spreadsheets to manage textual information such as lists or databases will also be covered. Skills to be covered include review of the ribbon used in Excel; how to create a spreadsheet from scratch; how to identify the address of a cell; build a formula from scratch and use of developed formulas; format cells; and create a chart. The materials fee is $5.00.


{S} iPad Operation (Four-Week Course)

Prerequisite: Possess an iPad.

This course will cover the various latest models of iPads including the functions of controls and settings; customizing your iPad; surfing the web; communicating with e-mail and text messaging; taking and editing of photos with your iCamera and the exciting world of applications. The materials fee is $4.00.


{W1 & W2} Apple iPhone (Four-Week Course)

Prerequisite: Possess an Apple iPhone.

This class will cover many of the up-to date features of the iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 6s Plus and iPhone 7. The course will cover the external iPhone features, managing home screens, creating and using contacts, setting screen aspects including wallpaper, sounds and notifications. Additionally, we will discuss and practice sending, receiving and managing Emails, Texts and iMessages. We will introduce clocks and the functions of the iCamera. The material fee is $5.00.


{X} Android Phones/Camera (Four-Week Course)

Prerequisite: Possess an Android Smartphone or Tablet.

Learn the latest in the operation of the Android Smartphones. The Phone contains apps (applications) and provides Internet access. This course will cover navigating, settings, managing and using phone calls, texting, contacts, voice mail, apps, music, and the Internet. There is an extensive variety of free applications available for almost every interest. This course will also cover the Camera and its operation. The materials fee $5.00.



SeniorNet Membership First Year Dues of $44 for single new member (renewal is $33) or $72 for a couple and must be paid either with the Mail-in Registration, or during attendance at the Walk-in Registration. Credit or Debit Cards is NOT accepted.


2017 Fall Open House and Registration Map

First Baptist Church

411 W. Lake St., Peoria, IL

The SeniorNet Open House is scheduled on Saturday, August 19, 2017, from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM at the First Baptist Church Fellowship Hall.

Fall Class registration follows from 10:00 AM to 12 Noon.